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"Good Time"

I don’t quite understand the logic that comes with being a prostitute. I mean, just why would you do it? There are very few things in life that cause someone to lose value as a human to me, and prostitution is one of them. What’s the point of it besides your client having a good time? As far as I’m concerned, prostitutes are walking hallow dolls. If anyone can give me reason against it, I’d love to hear it, but I’m skeptical. I understand that if prostitution is going to happen, it might as well be taxed to hell and made safe, but beyond that, it just seems so hollow. It’s as if Morals dated this cute girl back in school and then she dumped him, so he decided to jump off a cliff while swallowing pills and blowing his brains out. It’s disgusting, demoralizing, and just plain stupid. But what do I know? I don’t live their lives or know their reasons. I’m just stating my own personal poison on the subject.

Perfect World

I very much dislike it when I hear or see people wishing for a perfect world. “Perfection” is merely an illusion. There is nothing that exists in this world that can be described as “perfect”, since perfection is an opinion. What is perfect to one person may be horribly twisted to another person. A “Perfect” world is no different. Do people understand what their “perfection” entails?

A “Perfect” world means the end of conflict. Conflict arises when opinion between people clash. It’s understandable that people would want others to have the same opinion as themselves, but to end conflict for good, there can be only one opinion shared by everyone. Free thought, individuality, creativity, imagination…all these things must be sacrificed in order to achieve a perfect world. Maybe there could be a compromise? No. Compromising means something is causing conflict. If a “Perfect World” is to be achieved, there can be no compromising. Only one thought, shared by everyone, unflinchingly faithful and ignorant, can remain.

What about love? Or any deep emotion for that matter? In a “perfect world”, these things do not exist. People fall in love, make connections, and then have these connections broken. It is the breaking of these connections that leads to sorrow and bitterness, something not needed in a perfect world. Instead, only shallow feelings can remain. Can a heart be broken if it was never “in love”? If a person never knew of anything deeper than superficial feelings and learned never to be attached to one person at a time, then that person would never feel the pain of heart break or even the pain of losing someone close to them, like a parent even. But then again, they’re happy that way. Forever happy in their bubble of blissful ignorance. That is the price of a “perfect” world.

Now, I’m not condemning perfection altogether. I’m just saying that a perfect world is unrealistic. As long as people strive to be different and have opinions of their own, as long as they search for a deeper meaning in their lives and a meaningful connection with someone, there will be no “perfect” world. Stop trying to make our reality like that of “A Brave New World” (Fantastic novel by the way). A world filled with mistakes, with people who try and fail but try again, a world where we can be who we want and work to make the world just a bit better…I’d much rather live in this ragtag, patched up, bowl of flavors I call my world while dreaming of better than an always happy, uniformly smiling, mindless state where I can know nothing than what my government says is. I’m a dreamer, always am, always will be.

A Challenge to “Convert All” Vegetarians

1)Carry two bowls: 1 with cooked chicken and 1 with salad.

2) Go to a village that has little food.

3)Find a hungry child.

4)Find a hungry dog.

5)Sit down with both the child and the dog.

6)Give the bowl with the salad to the hungry child and the bowl with the cooked chicken to the hungry dog.

7)Note the child’s expression.

8)Go back to your own home.

9) Look yourself in the mirror and say you did the right thing.


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Power of Appearances

First of all let me state this now. Men and women both suffer from this problem. It’s just that women seem to have it far, far worse. The problem I’m referring to is appearances. Ladies, seriously, what the hell? You get all bent out of shape wanting to be acknowledged as intelligent, independent people, but then walk around in skin tight, dangerously low neck-line shirts and thong-like shorts. Not all women, of course not, but I’m talking about those hypocritical ones. You see them on facebook and reality T.V. all the time. They get all angry on t.v. while wearing stripperific clothes(?) and can’t understand why people think they’re whores.

Don’t get me wrong though. Appearances aren’t everything, and by no means should a person’s character be judged completely by their looks. But here’s the thing: While appearances aren’t everything, they are SOMETHING. The first thing anyone is going to notice is a person’s look. Like one comedian who’s name escapes me once said, “If I dress like a cop, people are going to think I’m a cop. If you dress like a whore, people are going to think you’re a whore.”

So please hypocritcal ladies out there, don’t declare war on men because of your own stupidity. Men are already confused, lowly monkeys having fights with eachother using their dicks while claiming to be Awesome McCool guy. They don’t need the extra confusion because you’ve never heard of that wonderful new invention called clothes.

National Procrastination Month

I hereby announce that February is National Procrastination Month. What other month is so lazy, it can’t even bother to have the extra 2-3 days? For that reason, February will be the month where all procrastinators are legally able to say “Fuck it” and not do shit without repercussion. I was going to announce this on the actual month, but, you know, yeah. Spread the word!!!

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Zombie Apocalypse

          Because of the recent events surrounding the Florida zombie man, I feel it is time to shed some light on a very touchy subject. What is it you may ask? Haha, silly reader, you must be blind or have selective sight! Why, the Zombie Apocalypse of course! You see, I feel it is necessary that we talk openly about our impending doom, most likely due to our own careless mistakes (Medical research facilities, I’m looking at you).

         Now first of all, there is something we have to accept about ourselves, and that is our inner, animalistic desire to see others die. You know you have it. You can deny it’s existence, but like fear, it’s always there. Come on now, think about it. Was there ever a time when you just weren’t in the mood to deal with bullshit? And then of course, there was that one person, personal or stranger, who just can’t take a hint. Pestering and pestering you until you want to snap their necks. But you don’t. You’re more civilized than that. Aaah but, you thought it didn’t you? Even if only a little, only for a split second, that inner demon within you fulfilled it’s desire, if only in your mind. Can you feel it now? That hatred, that rage, that murderous insanity you keep locked away? Good, then you’re ready for when the zombies invade.

      Now that you’ve released your insanity, we can talk zombies. Why do we want it? Simple. Chaos. As ‘rational’ human beings, we like to pretend that order and stability is the correct way, and hey, it probably is. But that’s not what we want, is it? No, we want chaos. We want to smash windows, set buildings ablaze, pull the trigger on some unsuspecting poor soul….But we don’t, because we have ‘order’. Now when the zombies invade, all that order and stability crumbles into fine flour powder. And then our demons are set free. Maybe not immediately, but soon enough. The thought of complete and utter freedom is compelling and beautiful. Why else make zombie movies and see them? Because we crave that freedom to just let go. After all, in a world with no laws, we no longer have to justify our actions.

    In terms of preparation, I think every single one of you who is still reading this is more ready for when the zombies come than that algebra/pre-calc/cal test tomorrow. And why the hell not? It appeals to that sense of freedom and rebelliousness! For us, the thought of a zombie apocalypse is so appealing, we’d rather risk being the last humans on Earth than prepare for the drab reality which composes our lives. We’re obsessed with the morbid fantasy of the dead rising to the point we accept it as an inevitability. Certain religious texts that foretell it help as well. So what do we do? We prepare for our wild dreams. We plan out scenarios and work strategies for each one. We tell our plans to our friends and strangers, laughing at the absurdity of it all. Yet we keep going because deep down, we’re praying it comes true.

So tell me tumblr people, what are your thoughts on the Zombie Apocalypse? Embrace your wild side and imagine the scenario, I mean, you already have in some way before. Despite all the death and destruction and decay, it would be fun! So long as you’re ready for it.

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Guilty Pleasures

I hate that phrase. Guilty pleasure? What the hell is a guilty pleasure? According to a majority of the world, it’s something that you like, but 99.99% of humanity detests. Liking Justin Bieber is a guilty pleasure. Walking around your house naked is a guilty pleasure. Being happy is a guilty pleasure. Who the hell decides these things? Why should I feel guilty about something I like? I’ll admit it, I like one of Justin Bieber’s songs. To be precise, I like the chorus of one song. To be even more precise, I like the instrumental. Should I be scorned on the street and thrown rocks at? Should I be crucified because of what I like? No! If I like something, I like it. There’s nothing “guilty” about it. That’s why people shouldn’t be afraid to say what they like, even if others don’t like it. Who cares what they think, as long as you’re happy. So fuck all those people who say what you like is a “guilty pleasure”, because it’s not. It’s what you like. Now, if you like stealing money from old people in the street or bullying small children or adults, then yes, that is a guilty pleasure, and by all means are rocks and other hard objects allowed to be thrown at you, you twisted little bastard. Give that money back and say you’re sorry. >:(

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Simple Things

Life is always getting me down. That’s what life does, it gets you down. Usually to lift back up, we try some grand scheme to bring back our spirits. But if they fail, then we end up worse. For me, I find joy in the simple things in life. The things we take for granted and the things that go unnoticed. That’s why for all you currently blue people, I shall share my list of simple yet spirit lifting activities!

1) Draw faces on eggs. It’s actually more fun than you think. While making scrambled eggs, I love giggling as I watch the eggs stare in horror at my cooking their friends.

2) Dance in the rain. Forget about how your hair looks or your running make up or getting wet. Act like I child and dance to your heart’s content! Let the rain cool your skin as your heartbeat races. Just watch out for cars.

3) Stare at the clouds. Relax your mind and just chill. Name what the clouds look like and pretend some epic story is happening up there.

4) Take a bath with bubbles. Not a shower. Shower requires energy to stand and soap up and other things. Also, you can’t use bubbles. Baths allow for complete and utter zen time. And if you bathe with bubbles, you can act like Santa or pretend it’s snowing! Whatever your preference.

5) Nap. With so much focus on time and rushing, no one takes naps anymore. What happened to coming home from school or work, plopping down on the sofa and just napping? It’s so relaxing, and you’ll feel better after you awaken.

6) Write. Whenever I have a headache or am just feeling down, I tend to write, like I am now. I would say draw, but for some people they may feel like their artwork isn’t right and become more frustrated. So instead, write things down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just there so you can vent.

7) Listen to Instrumental Music. This may be a bit difficult as some people have specific tastes, but bear with me here. It can be any type of genre, as long as it’s instrumental. You can input your own words into the lyric-less song, allowing for it to be more personal. For me, my favorite guy is Nujabes (R.I.P.). Just listen and chill.

8) Lay in bed. Just lay there. Be lazy and don’t do anything. Forget the world and just lay there. Even if aliens invade, lay in your bed like a boss. The bed is your throne and you are it’s throne sitter!

9) Look through your drawers.This activity is actually pretty damn cool. I once looked through my drawers to find an eraser and ended up playing a Hamtaro game with my old DS while I had my long lost slinky on my arm and stickers on my face. You will be surprised at the things you end up finding.

10) Smile. Just smile. Smile when you’re down. Smile when you’re up. Smile when you’re bored and smile when you just need something to do. I guarantee that you’ll feel happier just by smiling, and if not, then kick a dog. That will make you grin.

Hope this helps :3

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Alien Diaries: Entry 1

            I don’t understand human beings. They’re such a destructive little race of arrogant, prideful meat sacks. I also don’t understand why my people are so interested in the little guys. I mean, and no offense, but humans are stupid. You guys spend your time preaching values like humility and patience while walking in silk dresses and sporting the new iphones and going absolutely batshit ballistic when the clerk can’t hurry up with your order of iced coffee with cream on top. Is it programmed into your minds to be hypocritical or something? And I thought the meaning of your so called “secrets” is for them to be heard by no one else. Yet, when I infiltrated this facility known as “high-school”, women were shouting their secrets across the room and the men were boasting about theirs. It must be a human thing.

            What also amazes me is your species ability to reproduce. There have been at least 5 destructive viruses to come around to try and wipe the floor with you humans, but you manage to bounce back, and in greater numbers to boot! While infiltrating “high-school” I have determined that this amazing ability stems from the human value known as “Pride”. I analyzed a table that was full of women and one guy, and was able to deduce (with the help of the aforementioned “secrets”) that the one guy managed to sleep with every female of the table. This trait I find commonly among species of apes and wolves and well, the general animal kingdom in total. It’s surprising, however, because the humans who pride themselves for being far above the “animals” are quite animalistic in their nature, probably even more-so than normal animals.

            Truthfully, the longer I stay on this planet, the more and more contradictions I find and the more I begin to doubt my own sanity. Perhaps I am merely one of those disgruntled teenagers with too much free time on her hands and am using this time to rant her frustrations? No, no, that is impossible. For me to be human, I’d have to be contradictory in my own nature, and that is not possible. I am a purely happy otherworldly life form abiding my time until I can take over this twisted little planet and rule with an iron fist for all the suffering and torment given to me by selected humans. Of course, this is for their own betterment. Who else knows humans more than a non-human humanoid with no hidden ulterior motives what so ever? Of course. Until next time little human booklet known as “Diary”.


P.S. I quite admire horses, or Houyhnhnms, as my predecessor Swift calls them. I’d love to converse with them on the politics of Yahoos, for my understanding is limited, as can be seen.

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