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Simple Things

Life is always getting me down. That’s what life does, it gets you down. Usually to lift back up, we try some grand scheme to bring back our spirits. But if they fail, then we end up worse. For me, I find joy in the simple things in life. The things we take for granted and the things that go unnoticed. That’s why for all you currently blue people, I shall share my list of simple yet spirit lifting activities!

1) Draw faces on eggs. It’s actually more fun than you think. While making scrambled eggs, I love giggling as I watch the eggs stare in horror at my cooking their friends.

2) Dance in the rain. Forget about how your hair looks or your running make up or getting wet. Act like I child and dance to your heart’s content! Let the rain cool your skin as your heartbeat races. Just watch out for cars.

3) Stare at the clouds. Relax your mind and just chill. Name what the clouds look like and pretend some epic story is happening up there.

4) Take a bath with bubbles. Not a shower. Shower requires energy to stand and soap up and other things. Also, you can’t use bubbles. Baths allow for complete and utter zen time. And if you bathe with bubbles, you can act like Santa or pretend it’s snowing! Whatever your preference.

5) Nap. With so much focus on time and rushing, no one takes naps anymore. What happened to coming home from school or work, plopping down on the sofa and just napping? It’s so relaxing, and you’ll feel better after you awaken.

6) Write. Whenever I have a headache or am just feeling down, I tend to write, like I am now. I would say draw, but for some people they may feel like their artwork isn’t right and become more frustrated. So instead, write things down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just there so you can vent.

7) Listen to Instrumental Music. This may be a bit difficult as some people have specific tastes, but bear with me here. It can be any type of genre, as long as it’s instrumental. You can input your own words into the lyric-less song, allowing for it to be more personal. For me, my favorite guy is Nujabes (R.I.P.). Just listen and chill.

8) Lay in bed. Just lay there. Be lazy and don’t do anything. Forget the world and just lay there. Even if aliens invade, lay in your bed like a boss. The bed is your throne and you are it’s throne sitter!

9) Look through your drawers.This activity is actually pretty damn cool. I once looked through my drawers to find an eraser and ended up playing a Hamtaro game with my old DS while I had my long lost slinky on my arm and stickers on my face. You will be surprised at the things you end up finding.

10) Smile. Just smile. Smile when you’re down. Smile when you’re up. Smile when you’re bored and smile when you just need something to do. I guarantee that you’ll feel happier just by smiling, and if not, then kick a dog. That will make you grin.

Hope this helps :3

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